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Marcegaglia cold-drawn welded tubes production is carried out mainly within its Boltiere plant, Europe’s largest specialized unit in the sector, as well as in Marcegaglia-Novero plant in Rivoli, Torino. From here, Marcegaglia regularly supplies the sectors of hydraulic cylinders, automotive and industrial vehicles worldwide with a specialized production program also tailor-made on customer’s needs, guaranteeing specific mechanical properties for each sales sector allowing price optimizations for the customer value chain.

The fabrication process of cold-drawn or DOM tubes (drawn over mandrel) is carried out according to EN 10305 and the production is tested to match standard and specific requirments of the industry sectors for each steel grade.

Marcegaglia Boltiere is the first production plant awarded with four quality certifications. The quality system is ISO 9001 certified, while production for the automotive industry is ISO/TS 16949 compliant. Within a corporate policy promoting waste reduction and environmental safety, the plant has also implemented the ISO 14001 environmental quality system, while workplace health and safety system is ISO 18001 OHSAS certified.

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Supply conditions

• Tubes are supplied in 5000/8000 mm lengths unless otherwise specified in order• Dimensional tolerances according to manufacturing standard• Special tolerances upon request• Control documents 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2 according to EN 10204 and other specific norm requirements

  Cold-drawn welded tubes - tubi saldati trafiliati a freddo, Marcegaglia

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